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As the top tip for any visitors to find the best place to eat is to go where the local go; here is a list of common eats picked by the local themselves to save your time in the morning finding a place to enjoy Ha Noi street food.


The dish basically consists of sticky rice, crunchy fried shallot and a variety of topping ranging from pate, fried eggs, meat balls, caramelized pork and Chinese sausage. Xoi has been the classic breakfast for many generations of Vietnamese people. Xoi in their memory is a small food stall with a big bamboo basket cover by an old blanket to keep xoi warm, jars of fried shallot, salted shredded pork and bean curd. Xoi used to be wrapped in bamboo or lotus leaf to be taken away but now they put them in bowls or plastic wrapper to cut the cost. Xoi is well-worth being in your Ha Noi food tour.

Xoi can be found anywhere in Ha Noi since it is one of the most popular breakfasts there, but there are some vendors that have tastier xoi than the other such as Xoi Yen or Xoi Ba Son, unfortunately, both the vendors only open after 5 p.m. Xoi Yen is a house hold name in Ha Noi in the past few years; the restaurant is located on Nguyen Huu Huan Street. It is the liveliest at night when a crowd of people gathers there to line their stomach before going to a favorite coffee shop or have a beer.

Xoi - Hanoi food tour

Xoi Yen - one of the most popular xoi in Hanoi (Source: Internet)

Unlike Xoi Yen, which is famous among youngsters, Xoi Ba Son is a familiar address for the older generation of Hanoians. It is not a restaurant with tables, waiters, and air-conditioner. Diners are packed in like sardines in an area of no more than 5m2, sitting on small plastic chairs. It doesn’t even have a sign to tell you where it is but people still flock there every night for the past 20 years. Xoi is served with the best-caramelised pork that will melt in your mouth. The sticky rice is soft no matter how long you leave it outside, which is rare because sticky rice tends to harden when it gets cold. Xoi Ba Son is on Cau Go street, if you want to find it, follow the aroma and go where there is a crowd of people with a bowl of rice on their hands.

Pho and Bun

Another much-loved yet prosaic dish for Vietnamese people, who have it almost every day is pho. A standard bowl comes with chicken or beef stock, thin and flat rice noodle and green onion. You can squeeze in some lime wedges to add a little sour flavor to the dish. Some house hold names for serving the best pho in Ha Noi are Pho 10 on Ly Quoc Su street, pho Bat Dan and pho Thin at number 13 Lo Duc street. Pho is an icon of Viet Nam culinary. A Ha Noi food tour can’t be complete without sampling this world-renowned dish.

bun cha-hanoi food tour

Bun Cha in Ha Noi (Source: Internet)

Bun might not be as famous as pho but it is the number one comfort food for a lot of Vietnamese people. You have a wide range of choices when it comes to bun but the most popular names in Ha Noi are bun cha (rice noodle with grilled meatballs), bun oc (rice noodle with snail soup), bun rieu cua (rice noodle with sauteed cab fat) and bun ca (rice noodle with fried fish). Visit our articles on Bun for more information on this dish and where to go to have the best bun in Ha Noi. 

Banh mi

Banh mi is a street food dish that has grown in popularity in the past few years. It is a highlight in Viet Nam cuisine. You even have a wider range of choices than bun with this dish. The classic banh mi consists of Vietnamese pate, sliced cucumber, and cilantro. Just before serving, chili sauce is poured over the filling. Now vendors offer fried eggs, Chinese sausage, grilled chicken and many things else to stuff in your sandwich baguette. 

Many of you might know about banh mi Phuong that serves the best banh mi in the world, but according to hanoireview.com, there are some restaurants that you can visit to have banh mi that is as good as what you can find in Hoi An.

Banh my Hoi An in Hanoi

Banh my is the other delicious breakfast in Hanoi (Source: Internet)

Banh mi Hoi An on Hang Bac street is very famous among foreign visitors lately. Diners can choose from four flavors of filling include Special Hoi An bread, grilled chicken with lemongrass, egg and pate and roasted pork. 

Banh mi pate Cha Ca serves only pate as filling but it is still worth visiting as the pate will definitely become your favorite. A standard bread here comes with cilantro, pate and crunchy shallot.

With all the dishes and addresses that are listed, now it is a lot easier to choose a place to line your stomach before embarking on other Ha Noi specialties on your Ha Noi food tour.

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