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The Hanoi weather is diverse and beautiful, with four different seasons and each month differs from another in terms of humidity, temperature, and seasonal fares. The best time to come to Hanoi is from September to December or from March to April when the weather is mild with less rain and plenty of sunshine. The average temperature is quite moderate during these months, between 18 degrees Celcius to 30 degrees Celcius, which is the ideal temperature to tour the city.


The city of Hanoi has a humid subtropical climate which means that it can get quite cold in the winter. The winter in Hanoi usually starts from December and may last until late February or early March, with the average temperature of 17­ degrees Celsius. It doesn’t sound bad for those who come from countries with the temperate climate. However, sometimes it may drop to below 10 degrees, so make sure that you bring some winter clothes when visiting the city in the cold weather. Besides, in the winter, Hanoi is also famous for loads of delicious street foods which can warm you up on a chilly day.


Hanoi on a chilly day (Source: Internet)


Lasting from May to September, Hanoi’s summer is very hot with the average temperature reaching 32°C. In the summertime, it rains a lot. These tropical downpours generally arrive in the afternoon, causing widespread temporary flooding throughout Hanoi. So don’t forget to bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you whenever leaving your hotel. If you plan to visit Hanoi in the summer, there are also a lot of interesting activities that you can join to make your trip a memorable experience. Drinking a glass of beer on Ta Hien Street on a summer evening is a good choice or you can eat ice-cream on Trang Tien Street, enjoying the cool and sweet flavor melting in your mouth.

Summer in Hanoi

Hanoi's summertime - in the morning (Source: Internet)

Autumn (fall)

Fall is generally considered as the most beautiful and romantic time to visit Hanoi. This season is quite short, usually from mid-September to the end of November, with the average temperature ranging from 20 to 25 degree Celcius. Hanoi’s autumn is charming and less humid, with warm sunlight, pleasant breezes, and dry atmosphere. It is the perfect weather for tourists to wander around every corner of the city or take part in any kind of outdoor activities.

Hanoi's autumntime

The romantic Hanoi in the autumn (Source: Internet)


Lasting from February to April, in the springtime, Hanoi weather is humid and wet with light drizzles, and the average temperature normally ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. As this kind of weather is suitable for many plants to grow and flowers to blossom, tourists will have the chance to witness the beauty of tropical nature, with thousands of colorful flowers everywhere around. Especially, spring is also the time when Lunar New Year festival is celebrated, so visiting Hanoi during this time is a good idea for those who love to experience Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday.

Hanoi's springtime

Hanoi spring - when the peach flowers blossom (Source: Internet)

The weather in Hanoi is unpredictable. However, if you have a good preparation before the trip, there is nothing you have to worry about. In spite of hanoireviews's

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