Places to feel truly Hanoi's autumn scent


The Hanoitimes - Hanoi for a long time has been attractive wanderlusts for its “specialty” autumn, which steals the heart of many Hanoi lovers. So come where to seek for the truly appeals of Hanoi`s autumn?

Mentioning Hanoi during autumn, people recall deep memories of dreamy scenes, gentle breeze cooling girls’ faces walking in the soft sunlight or just the feelings of taking a refresh breath in the open air. Below are some suggestions destinations for you to enjoy a truly Hanoi's autumn:
Phan Dinh Phung Street
Phan Dinh Phung street long 1.4 km starting from Hang Cot to Mai Xuan Thuong street cut across the intersection of Hoang Dieu, Nguyen Canh Chan, Hung Vuong street. Old, a former running side of the array trenches outside the north wall of the Thang Long citadel in Nguyen dynasty (19th century), and is one of the ancient Lich  river. Located within blocks of architectural planning, Phan Dinh Phung street bold influenced by Western architecture. We must first mention the high-villas nestled next but soaring trees. With ancient beauty, the street is covered by untold yellow leaves during the fall, giving people the feeling nostalgic. This is one of must-go places to enjoy the Hanoi’s autumn scent.
Hoan Kiem Lake
The lake is considered the center of Hanoi, not only physically but also symbolically. In fact, the more you spend time learning about the lake, the more special it becomes. Hoan Kiem lake is still a pride of all Hanoians and the center for any distance measurement.
Nowadays, it’s still a gathering place yet new Hanoians may live too far to count their distance to the lake. The long-standing Tortoise Tower in the lake’s center reflects off the lake’s transparent blue water. Along the shore of the lake the willow tree branches sway in the autumn breezes reminiscent of young girls combing their long hair. Nearby, Loc Vung trees flaunt their branches laden with red flowers that droop down to just above the water’s surface. The large green shadow around the lake turns into variety of colors during autumn, painting truly dreamy picture of Hanoi autumn.
87 Ma May Ancient House
Just 10-minute walk from Hoan Kiem Lake then you can reach this well-known house which was built at the late of the 19th century, charming visitors by its antiquity, simplicity and elegance. The house consists of two main blocks connected together by a square yard in the middle on the ground floor, and a small balcony on the 1st floor. The trading room at the front is quite large while the inside has small skylight makes the house well-ventilated. Coming here on an autumn day to enjoy the ancient atmosphere after a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake is best choice for tourists and Hanoi-lovers.
Hang Ma Street
Hang Ma street – one of the few Hanoi old streets that has kept with tradition. On each occasion of the mid-Autumn festival, Hang Ma street in Hanoi is lit-up by colorful ornaments and visitors feel the festival atmosphere when wandering around.Mid-Autumn festival, known in Vietnamese as Tet Trung Thu, is one of Vietnam’s largest celebrations. The festival is originally for children but has now become an event for everyone. It is a great chance to unite and show community spirit.
The traditional toys such as star-shaped lanterns, paper masks, small drums, tin-made ships, lion heads and paper doctors are still sold in Hang Ma Street on the occasion of the mid-Autumn festival. Amid a hurried life, Hang Ma is considered an emotional place by generations of children.
The Hanoi’s autumn not only leaves our mind with its poetic beauty but also vivid colors of childhood dream. That’s what you can feel when come to Hang Ma Street during the fall.
West Lake
West Lake is the largest lake in Hanoi.  The impressive sunset in West lake becomes more dreamy in autumn with many. This place is a tourist magnet during the fall also.
 Tay Ho pagoda, located on a peninsula that just in the middle of the West Lake shore, is one of the most sacred places in Hanoi. On the first and 15th day of each lunar month, the pagoda is crowded with people. The scenery is so poetic and tranquil that you should drop by to feel the quiet movement of the land.