Brilliant colours of festivals in Hanoi


Hanoi is the locality with the most heritage and festivals in the country. Most of the festivals take place at the beginning of the new year, creating a unique and attractive culture, attracting visitors from near and far.

Hanoi is a major cultural centre of Vietnam, with many unique and attractive festivals to commemorate the glorious and heroic tradition of the nation. Besides, many festivals with modern colousr are also held in the city.

In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic appeared and caused a strong influence on the society, the local festival organisers in Hanoi have informed widely measures to prevent and control it, regularly monitored and updated the pandemic situation timely, completely and accurately to people in order to proactively fight against the pandemic.

The local authorities have also directed the management boards at all tourist sites, scenic spots and historical and cultural sites to regularly disinfect, arrange hand-washing solution before and after entering and leaving the sites. The operation of festivals on a large scale have been restricted. The Code of Conduct has been announced at public places where festivals take place, so visitors can understand and practice.

People's committees of districts and towns have actively developed plans for management and organisation of festivals, and had some plans to control and respond to disease outbreaks; established an interdisciplinary inspection team; directly guided the management and organisation of festivals in the city in accordance with the State’s regulations, ensuring that the festivals take place in a safe, healthy and economical manner.

The city authorities have also strictly controlled the organisation of ceremonies and festivals; arranged proper reception places; ensured security and order, safety, preventing fire and explosion, preserving and protecting relics, religious and festival areas. Meanwhile, they have also resolutely dealed with price increases, stalking tourists, begging, burglary, superstition and gambling in all forms.

Traditional beauty. Photo: Lai Tan
2-6.jpgThe festival night of traditional long dress. Photo: Duy Linh
3-3.jpgBe graceful in Vietnam’s traditional long dress. Photo: Bui Van Son
 4-2.jpgVolunteers from Hanoi-based universities. Photo: Tran Son
5-2.jpgWings of peace. Photo: Trinh Hai
6-3.jpgCompeting for lucky ball at new year festival. Photo: Dang Linh
7.jpgStreet dance. Photo: Kim Dung
 8-2.jpgFireworks will take place on the New Year’s Eve to welcome Year of the Rat. Photo: Pham Hung
 9-2.jpgA competition of cooking rice at the festival of Thi Cam Village, Xuan Phuong Ward, Bac Tu Liem District. Photo: Van Phuc
10.jpgFestival at the Old Quarter. Photo: Luu Phuong Binh
11-1.jpgA performance of water puppetry at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. Photo: Kim Dung
12-3.jpgA glimpse at the festival of boat racing. Photo: Nghiem Duc
13-1.jpgA ritual at Kinh Thien Temple. Photo: Pham Chien
 14-2.jpgA festival to commemorate 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi. Photo: Trong Nghi
15.jpgWriting calligraphy in spring festival. Photo: Nam Nguyen